From our clients...

"Tony... We have enjoyed your fireplace screen and grate so much and have gotten so many compliments on them and your gate is the envy of all my neighbors."

— M Fulk 

“You are the best at your craft! We still marvel at the work you did for us; the grapevine pot rack, the moose mountain scene fireplace screen, and the one of a kind wine cellar door lock. We get more comments on those things than anything else on our house!”

— L Landreth

“Tony - (We) truly love our new fireplace tool sets. I know it was a small job in comparison to the majority of the work you do. We’ll get years of enjoyment and always a thought of you and Whitefish as our fire crackles!”

— B Wise

“Tony, the coat rack is absolutely amazing. Thanks for creating an absolutely wonderful piece for our home. It just works great in the intended spot.”

— D Marks

“Tony - the homeowners love the (fireplace) screens. Alex said they remind him of the ‘old country’.”

— L Eisenhart